Friday, March 30, 2012

The Bodacious Kid, by Stan Lynde

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My partner Mike and I both refer to this as "my cowboy book" ("Honey, have you seen my cowboy book?" "I think you left your cowboy book in the kitchen.").

It's no secret that I have little experience with Westerns. I watched Bonanza as a kid and may have seen a few minutes of the movie Shane on TV once. The only Western book I've ever read is the recent The Sisters Brothers, by Patrick Dewitt, but that had more in common with No Country For Old Men than it did with Gunsmoke, at least in tone. But I knew that Western novels were the sort of books that friends' grandfathers would collect and read by the dozens, so I figured many of them must have a "cozy fiction" feel to them that I could relate to.

So when I saw that there was a giveaway for a copy of the paperback edition of Stan Lynde's The Bodacious Kid, I thought, "Why not?" Mike teased me that I might have a new favourite genre and started saying things like "howdy" and "I reckon." But honestly, he might be right!

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The Bodacious Kid IS cozy. It follows a young cowboy named Merlin Fanshaw who can't seem to go fifty yards without having a new person tell him what to do. He accidentally ends up working for two different "lawmen" (one or both of whom may be crooked) and an outlaw with the charmingly improbable name of Original George Starkweather. Add that to the fact that Merlin blushes every time a woman so much as looks at him and the whole story is just very endearing, wild west violence and all.

And Mike's been waiting for me to finish so he can read it too!

Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this book when I joined The Stan Lynde Fan Club, an offer I heard about on I was in no way obligated to write a favourable review, or any review at all, so the opinions expressed here are entirely my own. Although I did get a very nice handwritten note from Stan Lynde's wife asking me, "If you feel so inclined, I hope you will consider a review on"

Bonus: Just because I did find the handwritten note from Lynda Lynde so gosh-darn charming, here's a little extra shout-out to them. You can visit Stan Lynde's website here:


  1. I love these westerns, but right now I'd like to procure the The Bodacious Kid [Kindle Edition] from, but it is not possible for med. This title is not available for me, Amazon says. A sad thing, indeed.

    They claim that, due to copyright restrictions, the Kindle title I'm trying to purchase is not available in my country: Norway.

    Could You please make it available for us, because this is now the only book i don't have as Kindle edition. I'd love to learn more about how young Merlin Fanshaw became a lawman and read about how he wanted was to sign on with a cattle outfit, but instead he found himself caught between an outlaw, two lawmen and a pretty girl!

    I'd appreciate if the publisher could make it available as kindle edition for me in Norway.

    1. Hi Per Morten!

      I'm not affiliated with the publisher, so I really have no control over availability of books. I'm just a reviewer!

      However, I can tell you that when I got The Bodacious Kid, it was a free promo when you sign up for the Stan Lynde Fan Club. I don't know if that promotion is still going on, but it might be possible for you to get a paperback copy by contacting Stan or Lynda Lynde on their website,

      Good luck!


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