Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Julia, Child, by Kyo Maclear (illustrated by Julie Morstad)

Julia, Child is not strictly about the life of the famous chef, Julia Child...but it sort of is. It's a story very much inspired by the spirit of Julia Child, in the form of a little girl named--you guessed it--Julia who falls in love with food and wants to share her passion with everyone. She and her best friend, Simca (the real nickname of French cookbook author Simone Beck, a contemporary and friend of Julia Child), set out to share their buttery treats with all of the adults around them and to remind them of the joys of childhood and the joys of food.

The illustrations compliment perfectly the delicate whimsy of the story and the spirit of its inspiration. Julia Child was an English chef who introduced the world to French food. She was a formidable woman who managed to put the most reticent aspiring cook at ease. She was funny and passionate and joyful. The pictures in this book (by the very talented Julie Morstad) are all of these things. There's something delightfully English-but-also-French about the scenes she creates; they're sophisticated yet rustic, joyful yet refined. I adore absolutely everything about them!

Keep reading for more details about the book and a sneak peak at the illustrations inside!

Julia, Child
by Kyo Maclear
Illustrated by Julie Morstad
Published by Tundra Books
Publication Date: July 8, 2014
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Source: NetGalley

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