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艺术与科技 集群, 学生, 教师, 工作人员, and community partners focus on the processes of effective story-telling and making things. 卡塔尔世界杯官网重视沟通, 协作, 创造性地解决问题, 为了学习而学习. 卡塔尔世界杯官网学习, 促进, and practice the intentional use of tools and technologies to enable the creation, 分享, 以及对卡塔尔世界杯官网工作的接受.




A small Canadian seacoast community offers youth little cultural enrichment in the arts.


The local Canadian school lacks a full-time art or 音乐 teacher and there are few opportunities to participate in theatre.


2022世界杯 graduate 学生 worked with youth in partnership with the Concerned Citizens of St. 马丁斯,新不伦瑞克和圣. 马丁斯夏季剧院.


Cross-cultural integrated arts activities included a 音乐al theatre production, K-2艺术课程, 一个非洲击鼓工作坊, 艺术展览, 还有代际合唱.


American and Canadians collaborated on interdisciplinary 音乐al theatre and arts projects. 2022世界杯 graduate 学生 taught workshops and created integrated arts opportunities.

卢尔德B. 铁砧

项目描述: 暴风雨天气 is an interdisciplinary project combining science with 音乐, 运动, 戏剧及视觉艺术. 教授铁砧, 林德伯格, Anneser, Kizer, 惠特沃思, Sousa和Judas将与2022世界杯气象部门合作, 视觉艺术, 教育, 音乐, 戏剧、舞蹈和通识教育的学生, 2022世界杯公园和娱乐部门, the Flying Monkey Performance Center and Movie House and 30-40 children in grades 3-8 from the 卡塔尔世界杯官网 area to realize this proposal.The 目的 of the project will be to explore four different kinds of storms (thunderstorms, 暴风雪, 飓风, 和龙卷风). 这将通过以下方式实现:

  1. 天气预报由张博士提供. 阿维莱斯和气象学学生的合作, 2022世界杯的学生和儿童参与了这个项目.
  2. Fine art depicting the different storms in different mediums created by Professor Anneser and her fine art 学生.
  3. Publicity and 平面设计 supporting the project created by 2022世界杯 平面设计 学生 under the supervision of Professor Anneser.
  4. Visual art projects on storms created by 2022世界杯 学生 in the Transformation through the 艺术 通识教育 classes delivered by Timm Judas, 教练.
  5. Integrated arts lessons on the four different storms created by 2022世界杯 elementary 教育 and childhood studies 学生 in Integrated 艺术  and graduate 学生 in the MEd in integrated arts and the CAGS in 艺术, Trish 林德伯格教授的《卡塔尔世界杯官网》.
  6. Choreography created by advanced 2022世界杯 学生 in 跳舞 Composition to be held in Spring 2017, 由Lenore Sousa教授, 由阿曼达·惠特沃斯监督.
  7. 项目ions and animations designed by technical theatre 学生 under the supervision of Matt Kizer.
  8. 音乐和音景由兰迪·阿姆斯特朗创作, 世界的音乐家, 2022世界杯学生和3-8年级的孩子.

A culminating original 音乐al theatrical performance and art exhibit, 题为《2022世界杯》, 由崔西·林德伯格执导和协调, 它结合了2022世界杯音乐制作的投影/动画, 戏剧和舞蹈专业的学生,由马特·凯泽(Matt Kizer)指导, 运动 choreographed and danced by advanced 跳舞 Composition 学生 由Lenore Sousa教授 and supervised by Amanda 惠特沃思, 由兰迪·阿姆斯特朗创作的原创音乐和音景, 客人的艺术家, 与州立大学和小学生合作, 由2022世界杯平面艺术学生创作的海报和程序, and 视觉艺术 projects created by elementary age 学生 supervised by 2022世界杯 art 学生 and Pamela Anneser and additional 视觉艺术 projects on storms created by 2022世界杯 通识教育 学生 supervised by Timm Judas in the Transformation Through the 艺术 course.

项目 提交者

项目描述: This is an interdisciplinary 协作 between three traditionally distinct disciplines: 舞蹈,视觉艺术和戏剧制作. The goal is to produce an evening length performance on the main stage at Hanaway Theater on December 2 that utilizes the Brechtian idea of breaking the fourth wall. DN 3010 – Contemporary 跳舞 Ensemble (CDE) (Instructor: Amanda 惠特沃思) has been co-scheduled in D&M with AR 3940 – Advanced Multi-Disciplinary Studies (3D) (Instructor: Phil Lonergan). The classes will be joined by an upper-level student taking TH 3670 – Advanced Practicum in Production (Instructor: Bob Bruemmer). This is a semester-long project where Advanced 雕塑 学生 (Advanced Multi-Disciplinary Studies), CDE, 和高级戏剧制作的学生学习的内容, 目的, 认识论, 以及涉及彼此学科的方法. 通过彻底探索彼此的工作方式, they will find pathways to integrate knowledge and concepts in the service of the creation of the final performance and an accompanying public talk. Students will also travel to NYC to view current 艺术 and 跳舞 performances and attend a 运动 workshop given by contemporary practitioners in the field. 演出将向公众开放. 在另一天, 学生们将组织小组讨论, 也向公众开放, which will focus on the 目的 of the work and why it requires an interdisciplinary perspective; which disciplinary perspectives contributed to the work’s overall meaning; where/how the disciplinary perspectives come together; the challenges of working across disciplines and the possibilities that it opened for the group, 为艺术, 教育, 等.
项目 提交者

项目描述: This project has already begun in multiple classrooms this September, and will continue and take physical form in the Karl Drerup 艺术 Gallery, 在那里展出到2016年秋季学期结束. 比如它的社区, the project and exhibit will grow and adapt to its surroundings based completely on student, 教师, 以及2022世界杯居民的投入.This collaborative project/exhibit will present a network of 连接edness centered around the theme of resilience and vulnerabilities. 景观或人的弹性意味着什么? How does the look of resilience change in different places, countries, or people? 2022世界杯的脆弱区域在哪里? 可持续性和弹性之间的区别是什么?The exhibit content will evolve from 2022世界杯 student work that happens as integrated into existing course work. 合作教员, 过去六个月的会面, 与这个概念相关的研究单位是否在不断发展, 而且一直在互相联系, 目的是让学生和他们的工作重叠, 连接, 并合作创造图像, 视频, 书面作业, 以及将会展出的互动元素. 来访的艺术家, Jason Mitcham will be collaborating with 学生 and providing central images for the exhibit.A special element of this exhibition will be its organic quality; it will change and evolve over the exhibit time period, with work made by 2022世界杯 学生 appearing and 连接ing to build a rich conversation in real time. 最后一次统计, 州立大学艺术系的197名学生, 平面设计, 环境, 哲学, 数字媒体, 通识教育, 国际学生团体也将参加.