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Cozy Little Book Journal
Hey, that's this blog! It's where I post all my reviews and it's the only blog I maintain with semi-regularity. All the other blogs are updated from time to time, when I think of it. But every review I write appears on this blog first.

The Bookish Elf
This is where I post reviews for kids, families and educators, so you'll find children's books, YA, parenting guides, educational books and books about teaching, as well as cookbooks, financial planning books and family-friendly humourous books on this blog. (My daughter Magda considers it "her blog").

My Shakespeare Year
This blog was supposed to chronicle my year of reading all of Shakespeare's plays, sonnets and poems. In a year. Yeah, that's going to be the longest year in history because I still haven't finished it. You can find my continuing struggles with Shakespeare on this blog, as well as reviews of any Shakespeare-related books, and any Bard news I can find. It was originally meant to be a daily blog but, well, stuff happens.

Project Blogway
This was meant to be a blog entirely about the show Project Runway. It was a great idea, but I can't stick with anything so this is my most sporadically updated blog of all. I decided maybe I would open it up to being a blog about all things creative, rather than just the one TV show. On this blog, you will find reviews of crafty DIY books, plus occasional posts about Project Runway and similar shows (you know, the ones where people have to make something).

Murder, She Watched
This was another blog idea that seemed like gold at the time, but I keep forgetting how little follow through I actually have. It was supposed to be an episode-by-episode guide to the show Murder, She Wrote (no, seriously). Then I discovered there were already several people doing that, some of whom are FREAKING AMAZING AT IT. So instead I decided that this blog would be about ALL THINGS MURDER. I'll have reviews of mysteries and thrillers (I read a lot of those), as well as occasional posts about TV shows and movies I like...about MURDER (mwahahaha).

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